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A personal story will always do better on Facebook then a generic picture with description. However, the second is better than nothing at all.

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Know your demographic. This is the first Facebook boost for a newish client, this was the first boost I did for them. The next boost will have tweaked demographics to target a different group of people.

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This is one of Stolen Horse International AKA Netposse Year End Appeal posts.

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Revels North Year End Appeal


So today I want to talk about the photo video feature that Facebook has… now I won’t call my self an expert on it, but after the results I have recently seen I plan on learning a whole lot more! I put seven pictures into the video thinking well that is it I can’t do any more. I was wrong! You can reorder the pictures and with the editing option you can add more than seven and do other things. Here is one that I boosted only a couple bucks into the boost. Click here to watch

Boost video

I love the Facebook Boost option… if used knowledgeably it can be a real “boost” to sales and awareness. Coventry Catering is targeting newly engaged woman with these Boosts and they are experiencing more likes on Facebook as well as an up tick in wedding reception related phone calls over the past few years at this time! Below the two boosted ads is the next post to be boosted. We are targeting the couples need to have a less stress on their wedding day by hiring a caterer that wants to be there, pays attention to detail and considers your event the most important event.

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Know need to worry, we’ve got this!
Your event big or small will be treated as the most important event we have ever catered…
Daniel will see to that!

CC Daneil ad


This post really got things rocking on the White River Yarns Facebook Page! Nothing like surprising people in a good way! So good a Boost was in order.

I have several favorite comments from this post:

“Wow! I did this and it’s me. How did this happen? Who did this? I just love love love it!”

“Great advertising! Brilliant, in fact!”

Love it. Coming in tomorrow!!” 


Not all clients have an audience that is easy to pin down… Don’t think of social media marketing as a quick fix! Just like any other marketing it takes time. Upper Valley Arts Alliance is one of those clients. I took this account over from someone else, and I can say that their followers have increased on a weekly basis, however engagement isn’t very high. This example is of highish engagement and okay reach for them.


Keep in mind that your Facebook reach and engagement are higher with a picture that has little text on it. This post for Coventry Catering had both and we were pleased.


A Thanksgiving post for White River Yarns that really made my Thanksgiving! Just proves the adage, know your audience. It might take a bit of time to figure out what grabs them. One of my favorite comments ever came from this post… “And with that, you guys win the thanksgiving posts 🙂 Funny, and not at all preachy. I may survive the holidays after all!”

Many Streams will get to know you and your clients, potential clients so that your Facebook page can make a difference to your business.