Vermont Bach Ensemble

The Vermont Bach Ensemble hired Many Streams to promote there 1st Annual concert. With no website permission was gained from another client to set up a Facebook event on their page. Many Streams used Facebook event, gorilla Facebook sharing and listserves to promote the event. The event was a sell out.

“Thanks so much for putting it on the Norwich listserve. The concert was fantastic!!!” -Liz

Yellow House Media

Yellow House Media  media is a client of Many Streams, we handle there Facebook page as well as all event promotion (exception Constant Contact). There event promotion includes: Facebook page, Facebook events, and gorilla Facebook sharing as well as Facebook advertising and boosting and listserves (Upper Valley NH/VT only) and calendar listings.

Revels North

For two years Many Streams has had the privilege of being a part of the promotions teams for the Christmas performance done by Revels North . This year Many Streams was asked to come in earlier in the season and promoted events leading up to and during and after the Christmas performance. The promotion work done by Many Streams included: Facebook page, Facebook event, and gorilla Facebook sharing as well as planning Facebook advertising and online and print Calendar listings. Work on the performance program; some design work and contact with advertisers. Revels North had a Facebook likes goal of 1500 people by the end of 2016 and that goal was achieved. 2015’s performance was sold out and 2016’s was very close to a sell out!

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