From Ruck Sacks to Life Packs

The From Ruck Sacks to Life Packs campaign is focused on not only but on bringing in donations of money or items for the campaign, it is also focused on raising awareness. A Life Pack is a basic backpack full of items that homeless veterans will be given to make life on the streets easier, until the homeless veteran can get the assistance they want to have or a permanent roof over their head. Three hundred thousand veterans are on the street every night of the week. Helping veterans get back on their feet, whether that is supporting them in their choice to be homeless, or helping them move out of homelessness is the duty of the people for whose freedoms they put their lives on the line for. Veterans may choose to be homeless and there are reasons for this: issues with confined spaces due to serving in the field, PTSD and a host of others. Teaching the public that veterans are not cattle to be rounded up and fenced in, that they must work things out in their own time (often with assistance) and that they need the support a Life Pack can offer know matter their path. Show these Heroes that they do not need a permanent address to be appreciated!

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It is very important for a company to choose the social media platforms that work best to reach their demographic, it is even more important for them to use the platforms fully and correctly. Social media is changing everyday in big and little ways; from what you can do with a platform to how the analytics work. It is key for a company to keep up on these changes and work with them so that they can meet their potential customers where they are at. Krylon has made exceptionally good use of one social media platform and not so great use of others.

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