Online Influencers

Online influencers were an incredible phenomenon. I say were because since the airing of the 60 Minutes piece The Influencers in 2012, people have worked to become an influencer, rather than it happening naturally as it was early on. The influencers that 60 Minutes interviewed, with the possible exception of Kim Kardashian, were just on social media having fun and their kind of fun drew lots of followers and attention thus leading the advertising industry to them to get to their followers (demographic).

With influencer marketing you will notice marketing that appears to be real life. A Dunkin Donuts  “ad” doesn’t look like a traditional ad, it has an on the fly appearance, and indeed may have been done on the fly. This is important as ads that look likes ads could turn away the demographic from the influencers and thus removing their status as an influencer.

Influencers play a very unique role in the marketing industry. A marketing company can’t have just any influencer market just any product or you’re back to possibly loosing their followers. It is important that the influencer stay with products that are targeted to their demographic and done in the manner the influencer already has established.

Younger (under 30 yrs) demographics have a clan mentality, they want what others their age want, they are easy to influence if met as a friend or have made a connection with them that bring them into your circle of influence. This is the key to influencers, they have a large circle of influence.


Changing Direction Against the Wind

It is often difficult for a company to change the direction customers conversations that are taking place regarding the product they sell, Whirlpool is no exception. In 2014 Whirlpool set out to change the conversation by trying to remind people of the value of Whirlpool appliances in the care of their families and people in general. Through the use of a website and social media platforms Whirlpool continues to post to this day videos, pictures and stories about #EveryDayCare.

Touching posts, ads and videos opening peoples eyes to the deeper “why” of doing laundry, washing dishes etc. has had an impact on people who might not have even been in the market for new appliances. Granted Whirlpool’s sales rose 6.6% in the first six months after the campaign started, so certainly they can claim success on the sales side. All of this increase in sales couldn’t have happened with out Whirlpool being very knowledgable about their target client; Parents with young kids (65,7%), mainly mothers (76%) aged between 30-50, with an average income. Whirlpool didn’t stop there! They figured out the music the target audience was most likely to listen to, TV shows they watch and the most popular influencers. It is possible Whirlpool knows these folks better then they know themselves. Knowing the target consumers so well allowed Whirlpool to reach them with messages that hit home with them.

Whirlpools use of Facebook to reach out to and interact with has been overall effective, with 246,489 followers on their Facebook page. Though reading the page tells the story of how hard it truly is to change a conversation. To this day two years after the #EveryDayCare campaign started Whirlpool is still receiving angry comments about their customer service, poorly made appliances and other complaints. In fact almost every post Whirlpool makes get complaint/negative comments. Every negative comment receives a response (though they appear to be very scripted) and not always very well thought through (see example below).

Whirlpool is currently getting a lot of positive feedback via Facebook regarding the program started in 2016 to put washing machines in schools. Personal stories are being shared, people are reaching on behalf of their schools and the videos about this are being viewed in the hundreds of thousands and shared.

Whirlpools use of Pinterest on the other hand has been lackluster with under three thousand followers and only 5 boards set up (minimum of ten is recommended), with only a few Pins in each.  Doing a quick search of Whirlpool washers on Pinterest shows that others are Pinning about Whirlpool, though Whirlpool is not doing any re-pinning. Instagram is also not getting the attention that Facebook receives from Whirlpool or from Instagram users. With only 183 posts and 3,551 followers Whirlpool clearly doesn’t see Instagram as a high priority. However the complaints have followed them to Instagram.

I do not think Whirlpool can completely change the conversation, the complaints will continue know matter what. I think #EveryDayCare has over all been a success, though how none of the marketing reached me, a mother of five is interesting. I would recommend they consider using Facebook messenger to get the complaint conversations moved off of the comments, with the advances in messenger for businesses they may find messenger a very useful tool to employ. I am assuming that they are taking all of the feedback both negative and positive in to consideration on how to move forward with their campaigns, product design and strength as well as improvements to customer services.


Facebook Comments Conversation Example

David Glover I bought this whirlpool gold series piece of crap back in October 2016 it quit cooling in January 2017. After having whirlpool professional service guy come out he broke more parts . He didn’t fix it and left. After 2 months of playing phone tag he said I won’t be coming back. WE have a family of 7 sooo we lost our groceries and lived out of coolers. Repair man number two called and said parts are on order one week lead time . ONE MONTH LATER, the whirlpool says the repairman closed out the account. Finally the repairman comes back out and replaces all kinds of parts”MIND YOU KNOW ONE HAS YET TROUBLE SHOT THE ACTUAL PROBLEM”he then says all is well you’ll not have anymore problems…… WELL GUESS WHAT .. THIS PIECE OF CRAP IS NOT COOLING AGAIN.. Again groceries lost . I call whirlpool again I tell the lady on the phone , mam I’ve lost my groceries again. A family of 7 groceries trips are 350.00 , that’s 700.00 they offer me another extended warranty. This is a joke the only guarantee I see is that it’s a guaranteed piece of crap.. your customer service is just as bad as your product. This fridge cost 3500.00 I as well bought the whirlpool duet washer and dryer. Both of these have also been repair within one year of ownership. Why is whirlpool so crappy why can’t your professional service crew fix anything? why is your customer service soooo crapy ? Even your repairmen say you don’t give a rats tail about the customers. … you don’t deserve the right to put MADE IN AMERICA on your products

Whirlpool USA David, anyone would be frustrated given this situation with their Refrigerator. We can look into what we can do to help, but we will need your information to do that. We need your full model and serial number, your address, phone number, and date of purchase. Send to or send us a private message with this information to help.

Whirlpool USA Thank you, David, and we will follow up shortly.

Like · Reply · May 24 at 8:15am

David Glover It’s Friday now ….. hmmmm how short is shortly??????? Yup this is typical whirlpool

Like · Reply · May 26 at 5:59pm

David Glover It’s Friday now ….. hmmmm how short is shortly??????? Yup this is typical whirlpool

Like · Reply · May 26 at 5:59pm

Whirlpool USA Hello David! We do greatly apologize for the delay. Someone will be reaching out to you on Monday. Thank you.

Like · Reply · May 27 at 8:21am

David Glover Hello … Monday is a holiday I’m sure that won’t happen

Like · Reply · May 27 at 9:04am

David Glover Hello … Monday is a holiday I’m sure that won’t happen

Like · Reply · May 27 at 9:04am

David Glover In case you forgot .. Monday is Memorial Day , we remember our servicemen and women who have served and are still serving this great country.

Like · Reply · May 27 at 9:07am

David Glover In case you forgot .. Monday is Memorial Day , we remember our servicemen and women who have served and are still serving this great country.

Like · Reply · May 27 at 9:08am

Whirlpool USA You are very correct, David! We are very sorry for the confusion. Our apologizes on the misinformation on the incorrect day. Someone will be reaching out on Tuesday. Once again, we are terribly sorry.



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A Day in my Social Media Life

On the business side…

My day starts out at 6:30 AM checking email for the first time, I am mainly looking for emails from clients that might need my attention that day, those clients get added to my calendar for that days work. My next step happens at about 7:30 AM when I bring up Hootsuite and Tailwind, both of which I use for scheduling Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Two different Facebook accounts get opened in two different browser windows; Google Chrome and Safari. My iPhone sits beside the Mac Book Pro with Instagram open. I do a quick scroll through my two personal Facebook Pages, one of then I am looking for posts to share to one of two clients pages; items that relate to the music scene in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont and the other posts that relate to Scotland. Once this quick scan is done I move onto what ever clients are on my calendar for that morning. I will then open Canva so that I am prepared to create graphics for posts if need be. I then go to a clients Facebook page and scroll through recent posts to see what type of engagement they have received and then go into Facebook Insights to look deeper into what is going on with their Page. I then look at the schedule I have from them regarding sales and specials as well as themes that are being followed. At this time I will schedule Facebook posts in Hootsuite to that clients account. Pinterest is then opened for the same client. I will then go to the clients website and using Tailwind will add Pins to their Pinterest Boards. I will also use Tailwind to show me how the client is doing on Pinterest; Profile Performance and Board Insights. During all of this it is not unusual to have a conference call or two with existing or new clients, sometimes it is just communicating with them via Facebook Messenger or Google Chat. Emails come in non stop and unless they are from the children’s school, family or clients they are mostly ignored until later in the day. In the afternoon I usually try to fit in a some training… social media changes so quickly that it is impossible to stay up to date without training every chance you get! As a member os the Social Media Marketing Society I do a lot of training through them as well as podcasts.

On the personal side…

The Instagram that is open on my phone is purely personal and I have no clients on Instagram. I enjoy Instagram over other social media platforms as I can be very specific about what I want to see and build a very different type of following. I have very few Facebook “friends” that are also on my Instagram. I personally communicate with all of my family members via Facebook Messenger a majority of the time. Though we do share with each other via Instagram, we do not hold conversations there.

I set up a Facebook group for the small town I live in, this has been successful in a number of ways. Setting up of this group proved once again what I have been seeing for years… That people on Facebook act as though there is a wall and that they are invisible, when in fact it is the exact opposite! Be careful what you post! The postings of one man who was running for an elected office in town led to a vast majority of people disliking him and then not voting for him!

I get a lot of email from companies that either offer services or training to social marketing professionals and as a member of the Social Media Marketing Society I receive training videos via email and invites to online trainings.

Are you like these small business owners?

Are you like these small business owners?

Are you running a small business, non-stop busy with no more time to add yet another thing to your plate? If your like the small business owners in this article you might want to consider hiring Many Streams to handle your marketing. If you would like more information please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


Survey | Small Business Owners Overwhelmed With Digital Marketing Challenges and Options | 2016

Posted in Online MarketingSelling to Small Business

If you run a small business and feel like you can’t keep up with all the new marketing opportunities you are supposed to embrace, don’t feel lonely. Recent research from two digital marketing services used by thousands of small businesses, Infusionsoft and LeadPages, reveals that most small business owners feel overwhelmed by the opportunities and believe they are under-performing in their use of them.

Nine survey answers that reveal small business owners need help in becoming better marketers

It’s not for the lack of tools and platforms that small business owners and managers believe they are missing the mark on marketing. One estimate suggests that from 2014 to 2015, the number of marketing technology companies almost doubled, from 947 to 1,876. Recently, Infusionsoft, a small business marketing management platform and LeadPages, a platform used for digital lead generation and subscription campaigns, sponsored a survey in which more than 1,000 small businesses answered a set of questions that reveal how small business owners feel about their marketing effectiveness and use of digital marketing tools.

Responses to the following nine questions provide insight into how overwhelmed small business owners feel about their marketing. They also suggest there are great opportunities for companies that focus on educating and inspiring small business owners with the skills and confidence they need to reach new customers and build deeper relationships with the customers they already have.

(The full report can be found here: The 2016 Small Business Marketing Trends Report.)

 Are your current marketing efforts effective?

48.5% | No
37.6% | Yes
13.9% | I don’t know Observation: If your response is, “I don’t know,” chances are your current efforts aren’t effective. Thus, only 37 percent of the respondents believe their current efforts are effective.

 Who manages your marketing?

46.8% | I do (the owner)
23.5% | Someone on my team does
17.3% | We do some in house and contract the rest
6.5% | I don’t know
6.0% | A contractor, agency or third party

 What kind of marketing channels do you currently use?

71.6% | Company website
43.3% | Digital advertising and social media
40.1% | Email marketing
29.9% | Print advertising and direct mail
26.4% | Landing pages or purpose-specific web pages
22.0% | Telemarketing and in-person marketing
13.3% | None of the above Observation: A respondent could choose more than one channel, but it’s insightful to see how many said their website is their primary channel of marketing. They realize that Facebook or Twitter or traditional forms of marketing should be secondary to the direct-to-customer opportunity that comes with creating your own place on the web.

 What kind of content does your company create to help get customers?

57.8% | Posts on social media
42.6% | Email marketing
36.4% | Publish blog posts or articles
27.8% | Create other kinds of content
22.6% | Don’t create content in order to get customers
19.9% | Send direct mail (print-based direct marketing)
16% | Offer downloadable content on web pages (e.g. white papers, ebooks) Observation: One thing this question reveals is how broad the term “content marketing” is being applied by small business owners. Almost 58 percent consider posts (and tweets, we’re assuming) on social media sites are “content.” Most “content marketing experts” define social media marketing as being something different than content marketing.

 What do you use to store contact information for your leads and customers and follow up with them?

42.4% | Contacts feature of business email service (like Gmail or Outlook)
24.0% | Customer relationship management (CRM) tool
20.6% | Don’t keep track of this kind of information
19.4% | Email marketing service (like MailChimp, Emma)
16.4% | Use a different kind of system Observation: The need obviously exists and there are plenty of platforms that would help small businesses. Helping small business see beyond the tools and helping them reap the benefits is a great opportunity for the platform companies.

 Do you have an email list that prospective customers can subscribe to (or “opt into”)?

45.9% | Yes
45.4% | No
8.7% | I don’t know

If you are planning to use digital marketing in your business in 2016, what will be your primary goals?

51.3% | Driving sales
48.4% | Building brand awareness or conveying information
34.1% | Collecting leads
30.0% | Retaining customers
27.5% | Running promotions
21.8% | I won’t be using digital marketing in 2016
15.7% | Gaining efficiency with marketing automation

 In 2016, which marketing channels (if any) do you expect to budget more for?

51.0% | My website
51.1% | Digital advertising and social media
25.4% | Email marketing
23.4% | Print advertising and direct mail
21.9% | Landing pages or purpose-specific web pages
13.6% | Telemarketing and in-person marketing
19.2% | None of the above

 Of the following options, what is the biggest challenge you’ll face in your digital marketing in 2016?

19.6% | Turning leads into customers
17.9% | Generating web traffic
17.9% | Finding time/resources for digital marketing
17.4% | Turning web traffic into leads
17.3% | I won’t be using digital marketing in 2016
9.9% | Retaining customers long-term


Shared by Rex Hammock Staff

Rex Hammock is founder and head-helper of He is founder/CEO of Hammock Inc. (, a leading customer content and media company. His popular blog, RexBlog, was started in 1999 and you can follow him on Twitter at his one-letter username, @R.

Ghost Voice

Ghost Voice

You have heard of ghost writers, people who are paid to write a book, sometimes using the voice of another writer, but their name never goes on the book as the author.

To ghost write according to Mirriam-Webster –

intransitive verb: to write for and in the name of another

transitive verb: to write (as a speech) for another who is the presumed author

Here is a clearer definition provided by  Freelance Writing .com

“host writers are writers for hire who take money but none of the credit for the work produced. The original writer, or author, is hiring the ghost as a freelance writer to produce copy writer work for a fee. The author takes all the credit for all the original work produced, including all the original writing produced by the ghost writer. The ghost, who is usually paid in advance of completing the job, gets the money as a “work for hire” job and assumes none of the credit for the ghost writing work.”

When I am working for a client it is important to use their voice in everything I do! My voice goal is to have everyone that goes to a clients Facebook page assume that it is the client or the owner of the company posting! It isn’t just a matter of understanding the company or persons audience, but understanding how they relate to their audience! For me to pull this off it important for me to spend time with the person whose voice I am portraying. I have spent time sitting in a cafe, getting to know the aura, the clients and the employees as well as spending time with the owner. I have joined in on knit nights at a clients yarn shop (I can barely knit), getting to know the regulars and watch how the owner, Karen interacts with them. I have participated as a singer and teacher for one of my non-profit clients, gaining a deep understanding of the essence of the non-profit and their interactions with the people they serve. All of this doesn’t mean that you don’t spend time on there website, reading the mission statement and other items related to the client such as goals, all of those can bring insight as well. I strongly feel that in order to be their voice you have to absorb who they and who there business is.

Using their voice and my knowledge their social should be getting a higher reach, more like, comments and shares and one of my favorites is a comment like “thanks (name of account owner) for sharing our event” etc. That is when I know I have their voice.

Are you hiring a marketing person/company? Have they said they do not need to meet you, that just looking at your website and social media gives them all the information they need to know? Maybe you should reconsider this.

Examples of post from various clients and the Facebook Insights on them. Keep in mind these are small businesses and non-profits.

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No skill is lost once gained

No skill is lost once gained

In my life and now in my business one thing seems to lead to another! The latest stream I have been taken down and have now added to services offered is that of event promotion. It started out with promoting music for one of my clients via social media and press releases. When they changed to having music only on the first Friday of each month, I had built up a lot of skills, connections and plans for promoting music and therefore events in the Upper Valley. Know skill is lost once gained!

Well that skill wasn’t lost and is now being utilized by others and those skills being further honed. I have promoted three events that have been being put on by different people, and a series of events all being put on by one non-profit, events they want(ed) promoted well to achieve high attendance. So far things are going GREAT!

Are you putting on an event; music or other wise and are not sure how to market it for maximum attendance? Your event will be posted multiple times on 75+ Facebook pages and groups as well as going out to 1000’s via email. Hire someone with the skills to market with Facebook ads competently and with success! Give me a call or send me an email and let Many Streams build the promotion plan and do the promoting for you!

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More than Social Media Marketing

More than Social Media Marketing

Many Streams has added a stream, hence the name. A Many Streams client gets more than just social media marketing when they contract with Many Streams, they get outside of the box thinking that can help improve the business as a whole.

Recently Many Streams began booking musical acts for a client. Since July 1 the Boho Cafe has been open two nights a week with live music! Boho @ Night is raising awareness of the Boho Cafe in general, as well as providing great food and music. Sales during the day are up and the number of people coming in for live music and a bite to eat is steadily rising. Nothing better than sitting down to a meal and listing to live bluegrass, folk and Americana. The first open mic night at the Boho had the highest amount of participants the Open Mic night guy had ever seen for an opening night! Many Streams also books one to two clients a month for a much bigger venue that Boho Cafe has access to, the Junction & Vermont rooms in the Historic Hotel Coolidge. Holding over 150 people these event spaces are the perfect location for bands that get people on the dance floor.

Many Streams promotes the music nights to over 30 Facebook pages, the local Listserves, the DailyUV, local newspapers and a 20 k plus email blast to people who are interested in live music in the Upper Valley. Many Streams also designs posters for the musical acts that don’t have their own, these posters are then resized for use as event cover photos, Facebook and Instagram posts. Many Streams then markets the heck out of the night on social media; designing Facebook events pages, posting info about and videos of the musician(s), posting to the clients Instagram regarding the music and doing Facebook Live from the venue. Many Streams also works closely with the client on the amount of money to spend on Facebook and Instagram ads and Facebook Post Boosts and then designs them.

Since starting this new “stream” Many Streams has received a minimum of 5 messages a week from bands who want to play in one space or the other! We are currently booking into November in the Cafe space! The large space has a band from Maine TCFB a Funk Dance Band and The Shana Stack Band coming up… many others are in the pipeline. A Halloween bash with The Conniption Fits is the planning stages as is a New Years Eve Bash that will be a full package of dinner, dancing, champaign toast and a hotel room with breakfast.

Don’t just hire any social media marketing company, hire one with Many Streams!