What Many Streams Does

Many Streams is a social media marketing business that is contracted by small businesses and non-profits to empower them with the use of social media marketing.

Small business owners know that social media is a powerful marketing tool, but they don’t know how to use it correctly and/or don’t time to use social media successfully.
That is where Many Streams comes in! We have the knowledge and the skills to bring your small business to the next level of marketing, social media marketing.

Manage Your Media Channels

Does your business have Facebook (if not it should), but you don’t really know what to do with it, or your posting is hit and miss because you simply do not have the time? You don’t know if your business should have Instagram or Twitter and how about that one called SnapChat? What to do? To much to manage! Hire Many Streams to take all that load off your shoulders!

Event Promotion

Do you have an event that needs to be promoted? Let Many Streams be your promotional arm. Many Streams will layout a promotional campaign that will help your event be a success! Facebook event listing and promotion, Facebook advertisings geared at your specific demographics, and gorilla Facebook marketing. Newspapers ads and calendar listings, and for the events located in the Upper Valley of NH & VT; listserve listings, Daily UV, and a 40,000 person Constant Contact email campaign.

On the Map

Do you have a product or new business that you want people to know about? Let Many Streams help put your business or non-for-profit on the social media map. Want more people seeing your posts? Want to have more people following your Facebook page? Contract with Many Streams to design a comprehensive marketing plan that includes not only social media, but print and radio as well. Don’t have the time to roll out a campaign once it is designed? Contract with Many Streams to handle that end of things as well. Check out some Many Streams Campaigns.