Online Influencers

Online influencers were an incredible phenomenon. I say were because since the airing of the 60 Minutes piece The Influencers in 2012, people have worked to become an influencer, rather than it happening naturally as it was early on. The influencers that 60 Minutes interviewed, with the possible exception of Kim Kardashian, were just on social media having fun and their kind of fun drew lots of followers and attention thus leading the advertising industry to them to get to their followers (demographic).

With influencer marketing you will notice marketing that appears to be real life. A Dunkin Donuts  “ad” doesn’t look like a traditional ad, it has an on the fly appearance, and indeed may have been done on the fly. This is important as ads that look likes ads could turn away the demographic from the influencers and thus removing their status as an influencer.

Influencers play a very unique role in the marketing industry. A marketing company can’t have just any influencer market just any product or you’re back to possibly loosing their followers. It is important that the influencer stay with products that are targeted to their demographic and done in the manner the influencer already has established.

Younger (under 30 yrs) demographics have a clan mentality, they want what others their age want, they are easy to influence if met as a friend or have made a connection with them that bring them into your circle of influence. This is the key to influencers, they have a large circle of influence.


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