A Day in my Social Media Life

On the business side…

My day starts out at 6:30 AM checking email for the first time, I am mainly looking for emails from clients that might need my attention that day, those clients get added to my calendar for that days work. My next step happens at about 7:30 AM when I bring up Hootsuite and Tailwind, both of which I use for scheduling Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Two different Facebook accounts get opened in two different browser windows; Google Chrome and Safari. My iPhone sits beside the Mac Book Pro with Instagram open. I do a quick scroll through my two personal Facebook Pages, one of then I am looking for posts to share to one of two clients pages; items that relate to the music scene in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont and the other posts that relate to Scotland. Once this quick scan is done I move onto what ever clients are on my calendar for that morning. I will then open Canva so that I am prepared to create graphics for posts if need be. I then go to a clients Facebook page and scroll through recent posts to see what type of engagement they have received and then go into Facebook Insights to look deeper into what is going on with their Page. I then look at the schedule I have from them regarding sales and specials as well as themes that are being followed. At this time I will schedule Facebook posts in Hootsuite to that clients account. Pinterest is then opened for the same client. I will then go to the clients website and using Tailwind will add Pins to their Pinterest Boards. I will also use Tailwind to show me how the client is doing on Pinterest; Profile Performance and Board Insights. During all of this it is not unusual to have a conference call or two with existing or new clients, sometimes it is just communicating with them via Facebook Messenger or Google Chat. Emails come in non stop and unless they are from the children’s school, family or clients they are mostly ignored until later in the day. In the afternoon I usually try to fit in a some training… social media changes so quickly that it is impossible to stay up to date without training every chance you get! As a member os the Social Media Marketing Society I do a lot of training through them as well as podcasts.

On the personal side…

The Instagram that is open on my phone is purely personal and I have no clients on Instagram. I enjoy Instagram over other social media platforms as I can be very specific about what I want to see and build a very different type of following. I have very few Facebook “friends” that are also on my Instagram. I personally communicate with all of my family members via Facebook Messenger a majority of the time. Though we do share with each other via Instagram, we do not hold conversations there.

I set up a Facebook group for the small town I live in, this has been successful in a number of ways. Setting up of this group proved once again what I have been seeing for years… That people on Facebook act as though there is a wall and that they are invisible, when in fact it is the exact opposite! Be careful what you post! The postings of one man who was running for an elected office in town led to a vast majority of people disliking him and then not voting for him!

I get a lot of email from companies that either offer services or training to social marketing professionals and as a member of the Social Media Marketing Society I receive training videos via email and invites to online trainings.


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