In my life and now in my business one thing seems to lead to another! The latest stream I have been taken down and have now added to services offered is that of event promotion. It started out with promoting music for one of my clients via social media and press releases. When they changed to having music only on the first Friday of each month, I had built up a lot of skills, connections and plans for promoting music and therefore events in the Upper Valley. Know skill is lost once gained!

Well that skill wasn’t lost and is now being utilized by others and those skills being further honed. I have promoted three events that have been being put on by different people, and a series of events all being put on by one non-profit, events they want(ed) promoted well to achieve high attendance. So far things are going GREAT!

Are you putting on an event; music or other wise and are not sure how to market it for maximum attendance? Your event will be posted multiple times on 75+ Facebook pages and groups as well as going out to 1000’s via email. Hire someone with the skills to market with Facebook ads competently and with success! Give me a call or send me an email and let Many Streams build the promotion plan and do the promoting for you!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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